A Message from Your IBEA President!

As Spring flowers bloom and the school year winds down, I am sure you can look back from the beginning of the school year and see the growth in your students since last August. Take time to enjoy their accomplishments. Highlight (brag) about their accomplishments to them, their parents, your school administration, the business community, and your legislators. Keep the focus on the positive knowledge and skills your students have moving forward to college and careers.

Your students deserve access to courses like yours and sometimes, we need to educate our communities to their benefits now and in the future. This is true with your Illinois Business Education Association as well. If your colleagues have not become members, encourage your entire department to join your IBEA professional family, and IACTE as well. We need to be strong advocates for our profession and these two organizations give you the support and professional development to do just that. The online membership form is available right here on this website. Join today and become active in your professional organization. Reach out to me and see where your passions and talents can bloom in this organization.

Plan ahead! Plan to attend the November 8-10, 2017, Fall Conference to be held in Springfield. Ask your EFE Directors and/or CTE Coordinators this Spring if they can support your attendance at the IBEA professional development conference. Join your family of business teachers at the Fall Conference. Be a session speaker or a session chairperson. Your ideas and talents should be shared! Go to the conference tab and fill out the online forms now. 

Keep your “flowers” growing for the remainder of the school year! Have a great Spring and a wonderful Summer!

Diane Mahinda, IBEA President

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