Travel Budget Estimate

2017 IBEA Fall Conference - November 8-10, 2017
At the Wyndham Springfield City Centre Hotel
Springfield, IL

  • Many educational and BYOD—hands-on computer sessions, two tours, two certification opportunities, and a two-hour app development session are being offered! (Tours, Certifications, and App Sessions—Pre-Registration Required!)
  • Meeting and talking with fellow business educators from across the state is an excellent professional development opportunity!
  • Reach out to your school administrators and EFE system directors now to arrange for professional development travel funds for the conference.
IBEA Dues (if not already paid)

$45.00 - Regular
$10.00 - Student
$10.00 - Retired

Early IBEA Conference Registration - Postmarked/Online on or prior to October 20, 2017
(includes all breakout and hands-on sessions, tours, Wednesday night reception, breakfast and lunch on Thursday, and continental breakfast and lunch on Friday)

Late Registration - Postmarked/Online between October 21-November 1, 2017

On-Site Registration - Postmarked/Online after November 1, 2017

Note: At the close of the conference, a $10 rebate will be given to attendees paying full registration fees—retired, student, or retired past presidents not eligible.

$195.00 - IBEA Member
$140.00 - Retired IBEA Member
$65.00 - Student Member
$295.00 - Non-IBEA Member

$215.00 - IBEA Member
$160.00 - Retired IBEA Member
$85.00 - Student Member
$315.00 - Non-IBEA Member

$230.00 - IBEA Member
$175.00 - Retired IBEA Member
$100.00 - Student Member
$330.00 - Non-IBEA Member

Wyndham Springfield City Centre - 700 East Adams Street, Springfield, IL 62701 - $99.00 + tax
= $111.87 a night for two nights
Phone: 217.789.1530 - IL Business Education Association (code)

$223.74 (two nights)

Mileage (your school rate * miles to Springfield, Illinois * 2)

Amtrak offers service to Springfield, Illinois (Amtrak Convention Fare Discount Code is X59F-974)

Total Estimated Expenses to attend 2017 IBEA Fall Conference from November 9-11, 2017 in Springfield, Illinois (Does not include W!SE Certification Fee)

$ _____________________

Possible sources of funding to attend professional meetings include:

  • System Director/EFE travel funds
  • Perkins travel funds
  • School department travel budgets

If no school resources are available, check with your tax professional about the possibility of deducting professional development travel from your income taxes.

Take this opportunity to celebrate business education by attending the many educational sessions, hands-on computer workshops, and tours that are being offered. Enhance your current teaching strategies by meeting and networking with fellow business educators from across the State. This is an excellent professional development opportunity; don’t miss it!!! Make your plans to attend TODAY!

Talk to your school administrators now to arrange for professional meeting travel funding for the November 2017 IBEA Conference.

Join us in Springfield, Illinois
November 8-10, 2017
for the IBEA Conference!

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